A Christian disciple is one who

knows Christ, is growing in Christ, is serving Christ and is sharing Christ.


In the Methodist tradition disciples grow best in the context of Christian community. An essential part of becoming deeply committed Christians is our connection with others in small groups, and that is true now more than ever.  Small groups allow us to find encouragement, prayer, learning and life together.  Therefore, we emphasize that persons be committed to a small group.

Small groups can meet any time and any where! Expectations for all small groups include: growth in Bible use and practice of prayer; make an impact including and beyond the individual lives members.  

Small group opportunities will be posted soon.



BIBLE STUDY - meets Tuesdays at 6:45 AM in the Fireside Room.

UNITED METHODIST MEN - Usually 8:00 AM the 4th Saturday morning of the month during the school year; women are invited, too. Enjoy a hot breakfast, program and Christian conversation.  (Will meet again in September 25,2021)

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN (UMW) – The purpose of this group is for women to extend the realm of Christ by learning of and being involved in missions in the context of enjoyable fellowship. Includes a luncheon and program the first Thursday of most months; and special events happen as schedules allow. 

There are smaller groups called “Circles” that meet various times throughout the month. For the Circle schedule, contact the church office (712) 262-5970.