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Worship Update:

Worship Update:


Pertaining  in-person  worship
   beginning August 2 January 17, 2021                                     

  • Exercise care and prudence as to your attendance.
  • Anyone who is not feeling well should not be in attendance;  as is the case for anyone who has knowingly been exposed within the previous two weeks.
  • “Social distancing”  is expected from people you do not live with;
  • The wearing of masks is expected and affirmed;
  • Online worship will continue to be offered.

1. Be creative with greetings and “friendliness.” Refrain from greetings requiring physical contact.

2. Participants will be encouraged not to touch anything they don’t need to. Doors from narthex to sanctuary will be left open before, during and after the service.  

3. The nursery is not available for use.

4. There will be no printed ‘worship programs.’  Projection will include all congregational participation. There will be available, at the exits, a paper with any calendar items, announcements and prayers.

5. People are expected to find seats at least 6’ from any persons other than those they live with. (It may be most effective if large family units sit in a ‘clump,’ some in back, some in front.)

 6. There will be a “children’s lesson,” but the children will remain at their seat.

 7. For public address use, i.e. prayer concerns & announcements, corded microphones will be placed on stands, at the front of the aisle, one on each ‘corner’ of the platform. No touching needed.

 8. Bold, loud singing by the gathered congregation will not be encouraged. ☹  Rather, we will seek “singers” and place them well-separated from the gathered people.

9. Offering plates will not be passed person-to-person but will be placed by each of the sanctuary exits and one in the narthex.

10. At the conclusion of the service, persons will be asked to leisurely exit, back seats to front.  No “fellowship time” will be hosted.                         

Live-streaming is still a work-in progress but some improvements have been completed during our shut-down.  We are still seeking persons to be trained. 

SMU worship presentations will continue Wednesday eve and Thursday mornings.

Catch the Spirit will continue for the time being. Please remember that this entails a cost of $60/Sunday. Good way to honor or remember someone or an event.

NEW: Before the sermon we will announce, for livestream worshippers, that prayer concerns may be submitted to prayersforworship@gmail.com.  Someone will be watching that address and after the sermon, present submitted items, which is where we will place the prayers of the people in the service.

Many of your friends should not yet be attending worship nor going out into public spaces.  Reach out to those you know, neighbors or even strangers (pick a name out of the 2017 church directory!) YOU might be THE person through whom God works to connect with certain people.



Pastor Paul Frederiksen

Much is written about “Obstacles to Change.” Humans like things to stay the same. Why, even Jesus experienced that.  He was about change. That’s one way to understand his crucifixion!
In fact, the people of Jesus’ day show how anxiety grows as people are faced with change.  As that anxiety grows, it becomes an obstacle to the new thing God is seeking to do. Faced with that change, it’s natural for people to…

… become reactive … herd together for safety … blame others
… seek quick fixes … sabotage leaders. (Ed Friedman, Failure of Nerve)

Each of those items is detrimental to moving forward and can lead to a church getting “stuck” in what has always been.  I am encouraged that we have leadership willing to look prayerfully beyond the walls of Grace UMC to see those who do not yet have a relationship with Jesus.  You can, too!

 Pastor Paul

The Wired Word

The Wired Word

Facilitator: John Rahn

The Wired Word class is meeting socially distanced Sunday mornings at 10:45 AM in the Wesley Room.  John Rahn is the leader.  The Wired Word lessons link two current events with relevant scripture and discussion questions. The Wired Word provides great thought-provoking reading for individuals and/or small groups.  Contact the church office with your current email address at office@spencergumc.com or 262-5970 if you’d like to receive these lessons.  You do not need to be a part of the group to receive these lessons.